New Research Reveals Lazy Workers Are More Likely to Get Ahead


Do you have suspicions that some of the workers in your office are lazy? Do you think certain age groups are lazier than others at work? Well, new research from CV-Library suggests that millennial workers are most likely to slack off and yet despite this, one in three say that they deliver great results. Furthermore, 73% of millennials believe they have successful professional lives.

The new study conducted by CV-Library surveyed over 2000 UK professionals and found that millennials admitted to slacking off more than any other generation. A significant 44.6% of them, in fact, confessed to being guilty of slacking off. Generation X is the least lazy (27.6%), with Baby Boomers close behind them (31.7%) and 31.6% Gen Z professionals admit to slacking off in the workplace.

Are millennials really the laziest generation? 

When asked about their reasons for slacking off in the workplace, millennials highlighted the following:

  • Lack of motivation (55.6%)
  • Not being challenged (44.4%)
  • Boredom (37.8%)
  • Achieved as much as they can already (20%)
  • Don’t like their job (13.3%)

Younger people are generally in lower-level positions as they are just starting out in their career. Laziness here then, could be attributed more to job seniority than age. Indeed, who’s to say that Gen X and Baby Boomers didn’t feel the same early on in their careers?

How can you avoid laziness at work?

If you want to ensure that you’re not coming across as lazy at work, here’s what to do.

1. Use your initiative

It can be easy to get stuck in a routine of daily tasks, but if you’re focusing all your time and energy there you aren’t giving yourself the opportunity to get creative. Monotony is a sure-fire way to kill your motivation so make an effort to set some time aside to come up with new ideas and solutions. Plus, you’ll impress your boss if you come up with a fantastic new idea!

2. Try not to procrastinate

We’re all guilty of putting off tasks that we don’t like. There’s always something else we can do first and we’re great at coming up with excuses as to why we should start later. However, you’ll be much more productive and positive if you get those tasks you dread out of the way first thing. So, stop coming up with excuses and get to it.

3. Set yourself goals regularly

Feeling good about your work and seeing progression is important and setting clear goals will help you achieve more and stay motivated. Your goals should push you to improve your skillset and add value in the workplace.

You can set yourself daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals/targets to work towards. If you can set goals with your manager as well, they will hold you accountable and help track your progress. If you have something to aim for, you will definitely work harder.

4. Take breaks

Taking breaks may sound counterproductive, but it will help to keep boredom and tiredness at bay. It’s pretty much impossible to have laser focus and concentration all day. Taking regular breaks will stop you from burning out and give you an opportunity to re-energise. We recommend going to get a drink, taking a short walk and/or getting some fresh air. Don’t overdo it though, or you may get a reputation for being a work-shirker.

Still can’t help being lazy at work?

If you’ve tried implementing these tips and still can’t help being lazy at work, then it may be time for a career move. Being consistently demotivated and unhappy at work is not good and you need to take control of your career and make a change. Sign up to CV-Library to hear about their latest opportunities.


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