Why and How You Should Reward Yourself After a Promotion


Getting a promotion is an excellent achievement and should be celebrated. Big goals take months or years of hard work and commitment. So, knowing why and how you should reward yourself is a great way to build productive habits in your personal and work life.

Why is rewarding yourself so important?

Rewards are an essential part of any promotion. A small act of self-love can drive you to work harder and push for even bigger goals. When you give yourself a treat, your brain releases a chemical called dopamine, making you feel happy and satisfied.

The type of reward you receive should be proportional to the level of achievement. As a general rule, smaller goals equate to smaller rewards. You may want to choose a reward that aligns with your goals and encourages or helps you go on further. But, you might also just want something to give yourself a break from routine, it’s totally up to you!

Rewarding yourself is also essential to make everything seem worth the effort. Have you ever experienced burnout? Working endlessly with no reward insight can be a dangerous way to function and eventually lead to burnout. You are more likely to be productive at work if there is a pleasant outcome at the end. Whether it’s a potential pay rise or an exciting holiday, everyone needs something to look forward to.

Treats will make you feel energised, motivated and boosts your desire to keep up the positive habits. It’s a virtuous cycle.

How to reward yourself

When it comes to significant milestones, like a promotion at work, big rewards can make the experience even more satisfying. If you have just achieved a fantastic promotion, you might want to upgrade to that car you have always wanted. A new vehicle will benefit your personal and professional life, and you will reap the benefits in no time.

You could take a trip to your dream destination! Take some time to rest and relax so you can come back to work fresh and ready to achieve your next goal. Alternatively, you could opt for a reward coinciding with a new hobby. Whether it’s a bike, sports equipment, or a new gaming console, make sure to reward yourself because you truly deserve it.

If you have reached a smaller milestone, maybe opt for a little reward that will enrich your life, without breaking the bank. For example, office workers may opt for a new laptop, noise-cancelling headphones or an ergonomic desk chair. Things that make your day-to-day work more enjoyable are always a fantastic option, particularly if you’re working towards that promotion.


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