How Showing Your Appreciation for a Coworker Can Help You in Your Career


To many, showing gratitude and appreciation in the office may seem like a fluffy concept. Some have this mentality that there’s a strict divide between the relationships at work and at home. Often, this creates a difference in how we treat the people around us and this can become detrimental in the workplace.

When it comes to career progression, it’s vital you treat your coworker(s) with gratitude. You’re making a good name for yourself and act as the morale booster for those in the office. Little gestures of kindness like a thank you note go a long way.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how you can help yourself up the career ladder with the simple concept of appreciation.

Boosts Team Productivity

This applies to all, but pay extra attention if you’re taking leadership roles for projects. Tjinsite reported that more than 35% of employees find that they’re not productive when they aren’t given proper recognition.

As the head, how well your team works is a reflection of your leadership skills. If you really want to impress the management, give credit to your coworkers where it’s due. This could be in the form of giving a funny gift to a coworker or pass a genuine and specific compliment.

For example:

“Thanks for working hard on that final report, Dave. Because of your commitment, we can present our findings to our client sooner than expected!”

When the compliment is specific, your coworker knows that they are giving real value to the team and are a part of something greater. This might be all it takes to spark a little motivation in them.

If not, throwing around compliments with no real meaning behind them may come off as a little fake, making your efforts counterproductive.

You Foster a Good Work Environment

You want to be the guy or gal known for making people feel good, including your bosses. In a stressful office setting, it’s easy to stand out in the crowd when you’re always there to lift your coworker’s spirits.

Appreciation has a domino effect. When you show gratitude to the person next to you, they are more inclined to do the same for the person they talk to at the water cooler. Though the person passing the gesture changes hands, the positive vibe they exhibit remains.

With persistence and determination, you will be recognized as the mood booster amongst your colleagues. They may even put in the good word for you with the boss without your knowledge.

Helps Build Loyalty

In an organization, you may be working on different projects with different groups. You need to realize that even between coworkers, loyalty to one another exists. No one wants to work with someone that’s always negative and treats their colleagues poorly.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, people want to work with those that are kind to them. If you have a reputation for being that person, you’ll get more people who are willing to step up their game just to be part of your team.

Since you have a line of people wanting to work with you, it’s easier to select those that complement your skillset. This, in turn, ensures that your team performs well and you get part of the credit for forming the team.


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