Best 8 Courses to Become Certified Data Scientist


When businesses gather more data than ever before, employees can better analyze it and incorporate valuable insights into crucial decision-making processes.

How to define Data Science?

As a discipline, data science involves collecting and analyzing structured and unstructured data to obtain insights and knowledge to develop successful strategies. Data scientists can detect trends and make recommendations for stakeholders by gathering and evaluating data over time, helping them discover potential business opportunities, increase effectiveness, minimize costs, and contribute to a competitive edge in their industries.

Data science is a multifaceted sector in which information from complex data is collected. One of today’s hottest positions in the IT industry is a data scientist. Glassdoor’s data trends clearly show that everyone gets the best job.  This year the world needs 5 million experts in data science. It makes sense to assume, with the exponential quantity of data generated and collected, that demand for data analytics will only increase. Several businesses are striving to employ data scientists to gain insight and develop business strategies.

How to become a certified Data Scientist?

There are several online learning opportunities to help you prepare for a career in data science, be it in a particular course or an intensive year-long program that enables you to jump up the ladder in your current position. A data science certification will help improve employability. Data science courses can help you improve the skills needed by recruiters.

Want to be a data scientist in the future? Registering for one of the courses and gaining one of these data science certifications would allow you to differentiate yourself in the hottest IT professions.

Below is a list of the best courses and programs for Data Science certification by accredited institutions for 2020. These include free and paid services online, widely accepted, and support thousands of students and professionals.

  • Coursera – IBM Data Science certification:

This is the best data science course you find online, whether you have chosen to try a career in data science or machine learning. This certification involves nine courses that help you learn the skills necessary to pursue projects in the industry. The lectures include data visualization, analysis, libraries, and open-source software. The classes address different topics. You will have several tasks and assignments to demonstrate your talents and develop your curriculum vitae by the end of the program.

  • Professional Certificate in Data Science from Harvard University (edX):

This Online Data Science Certificate Program is provided via the edX e-learning portal at Harvard University. It allows you to start a data scientist’s role with essential data science skills such as programming for R, machine learning, and others using real-world case studies. It is an intense and well established self-paced program, lasting 2-4 months. The program comprises nine graduate courses taught entirely online at a fraction of conventional college costs, making it highly accessible, affordable, and versatile.

  • UC San Diego’s MicroMasters Program in Data Science: 

It combines math and data science learning concepts. It aims to provide a comprehensive basis for math and computational tools and generate business recommendations based on data. It requires four graduate-level courses and should take about ten months to complete, according to the school.

  • Udemy – Complete Data Science Bootcamp program: 

Udemy’s complete Data Science Bootcamp program gives you the whole toolbox you need to become a data scientist. It increasingly takes you to advanced statistics, machine learning, tableau, and more from the basics of mathematics and statistics. This course comprises 27 hours of on-demand video, 88 posts, 144 downloadable resources, and full lifetime access.

  • Simplilearn’s Data Science program: 

With online training sessions, a rigorous curriculum, and accredited certification to verify learning, this program sets learners on the fast-track to becoming a professional data scientist. Simplilearn’s Data Science program starts with training in Excel and the analytics technologies such as R, SAS, and Python, which helps you become a master in all the conceptual and technical skills needed for the ideal position in the analytics industry. Here you learn how to apply different data processing principles, visualization and testing of theories, and predictive analytics such as regression and clustering.

  • UC Berkeley School of Information – Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS): 

This Data Science course targets professionals who are trying to use complex data to solve challenges, focusing on asking the right questions and communicating results most appropriately. This web-based software provides live classes as well as online coursework.

  • Big Data Hadoop certification training course:

Upcoming data scientists will significantly benefit from taking part in a course that will teach Big Data and Hadoop and award a professional certification upon completion.  Students undergo an interactive learning experience, which shows them what they need to know about the Big Data model and how they work with Spark and Hadoop. Spark also allows aspiring data scientists to learn how to process data in real-time, optimize strategies, and create, transform, and query data types using Spark SQL.

  • Purdue University – Post Graduate Program in Data Science: 

This program provides you with a wide range of knowledge of the fundamental principles and tools used in data science. In partnership with IBM, it is planned to help people learn about data science in practice. Registering on the curriculum would help you cover broad subjects in data science, such as statistics, essential programs, algorithms for machine learning, and more. Also, you can work on a capstone project, which culminates in your learning experience. The program, which is recognized as a leading research and teaching institution, is created by experienced Purdue University mentors.


Choosing a learning opportunity for data scientist training may be daunting due to all the options out there, so it’s ideal to select a course that best suits your needs and goals. Effective Data Scientists typically have a detailed grasp of different methods and programming languages and appreciate their data science positions. With these skills, you can quickly stand out amongst the competition to prospective employers. Choose the right course and certification to work best to place you on the right track to mastering data science.


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