Invest in Your Future with the Master’s in Data Science at the Bologna Business School


What better way to start the year than with one of the best investments of your life?

Today the Big Data market moves so fast that, if not regulated and monitored by professionals specialized in data processing, much of the information risks being lost, distorted, or even worse manipulated for fraudulent or criminal purposes.

Whom is this Master designed for?

The Master’s in Data Science at Bologna Business School is designed and created for aspiring professionals in the fields of Big Data, Data Mining, Digital Analytics, but also Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Supply Chain, and Text Mining. All those who consider the monitoring, processing and control of information flow as a mission must consider participating in this Master.

One of the most wanted (and remunerated) professional figures of this decade

From Google to Amazon, from Microsoft to Facebook, all these multinationals are investing huge amounts of capital in attracting highly specialized talent in the fight against what appears to be the biggest threat to their business. Not taxes, not competition, not laws: the integrity of the data passing through their devices and networks.

These companies understand the protection, storage, and proper handling of Data is not just a risk to be entrusted to professionals. Knowing how to analyze, study, and convert data into readable and qualitatively expendable information allows us to develop intelligently, targeted, reliable business models. These protocols are translated into marketing and sales strategies that, in turn, generate predictable and dependable resource flows, creating a virtuous circle.

Training innovation

The course of study includes both a cycle of lectures and 600 hours of internships. The innovation of the master’s is also evident in the fair division between teaching theory and practice. Great importance will be given to the transfer of a wealth of technical information essential to building a professional profile focused on ethics and moral responsibility. Finally, using different software, the organization of workshops and projects, both individual and group will learn innovative processes and protocols. The professionals who come from this course of study are highly sought after by multinationals and large companies.

Course details

The Master has a total duration of 12 months for 1500 hours, of which 540 of individual study, 360 of frontal teaching, and 600 of internships.

The internship cycles are two: the first from November 2020 to March 2021 and the second from March 2021 to June 2021. The internships will take place from June 2021 to November 2022.

There will be preparatory courses such as Software Programming (Python), Database and SQL, descriptive and inferential statistics, Economics, and Data Analysis.

Where to start to plan this investment?

We are sure that at this moment in you have developed conflicting emotions. Do you want to enroll, do you want to become a data professional, do you want to make yourself available to the company but are you worried that you will not be able to support this master’s financially? Here’s the answer: you can.

The master’s has a cost of 14.800€ and can be paid in 3 different solutions. But not only that, as you can analyze in detail in the page dedicated to the course, honor loans and scholarships have been designed for students so that anyone who wants to undertake this course of study can do so with the serenity they deserve.


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