3 Benefits of Using Hemp Seed Oil Before an Interview  


There’s no getting around the fact that a job interview can be a nerve-racking experience. There is lots of helpful advice available that provides useful interview tips, and one point you will see time and again is that preparation is key. However, this in itself opens up a whole new set of questions. Preparation could mean everything from learning about the company to polishing your shoes.   

An area of preparation that is too often neglected is in ensuring mind and body are in tip-top shape for what is to come. Getting a good night’s sleep and having a nutritious breakfast are both well and good, but with the right natural supplements, you can really give yourself an edge. Hemp seed oil is a perfect example. It’s something that most of us have heard of but few know much about. Here, we find out more about hemp oil and how it could be the magic ingredient to help you ace your next interview.   

About hemp oil 

Hemp oil is one of numerous products that can be extracted from the cannabis plant. To address two of the most common questions right away, it doesn’t get you high and it is different from CBD. While the latter is extracted from the leaves and flowers of the plant, hemp oil comes from the seeds. However, the two products do share certain wellness benefits. 

1. Keeping sharp 

 One of the most important things about hemp oil is that it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These can effectively be described as “brain food.” As well as keeping your grey matter operating efficiently, a study carried out in 2018 showed strong indications that hemp reduces inflammation in the brain. There’s no worse time to get a tension headache than just as you are walking into an interview, and the research suggests that a regular dose of hemp oil will reduce the risk of it happening.  

2. Staying calm  

We mentioned at the outset that a certain degree of anxiety is inevitable when you are going for an interview. However, if you are feeling too stressed and nervous, it can ruin everything and you’ll not be able to present yourself to your full advantage. Researchers in more than a dozen studies have found that hemp oil reduces anxiety. Exactly how it does so remains something of a mystery, but it is thought that again, it is connected to those omega-3s, and their ability to help you block out negative emotions and bad memories. 

3. Looking your best 

Surely no interviewer would judge you on the basis of your appearance? We all know that the reality is a little more complicated than that, which is why we make an effort to choose our wardrobe carefully and fix our hair just so. The fatty acids and vitamins in hemp oil mean it is exceptionally good for the skin, keeping it moisturised and supple, while helping combat conditions like eczema and acne. Appearances might not be a deciding factor, but it certainly won’t do you any harm to be looking your confident best as you walk into the interview room.   


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