How to Start a Motorcycle Career in the UK


If you’re interested in motorcycle mechanic jobs or customer service positions in the UK, there’s no time like the present. The industry is highly regarded for its contribution to the UK economy turning over more than 5 billion pounds in sales and a billion pounds in taxes each year. Of course, reaching this remarkable feat isn’t possible without the experience, skills and passion of a healthy workforce. There’s no shortage of motorcycle jobs to consider, from various sectors such as manufacturing and distribution to service technicians and retail. 

So, you’re ready to start a motorcycle career that gives you purpose, fuels your passions, and, of course, pays the bills. While the job market is very competitive, there are some things you can do to get your foot in the door. Continue reading to learn more. 

 Popular Motorcycle Careers in the UK

Before you can create a game plan to land the job of your dreams, you have to determine what you’re looking for. The good news is, there are several paths you can take. Whether you’re interested in a motorcycle mechanic job or a motorcycle sales rep position, there’s something to suit your level of skills and expertise.

 Motorcycle Mechanic Jobs

 With more than one million motorcyclists in the UK, dealerships need top-notch mechanics and service advisors to keep their customers safe and happy. Just check online job boards for motorcycle mechanic jobs you can see yourself in, based on a job’s specific duties, hours and even its exact location. Generally, through careful assessment and diagnostics, you’d identify the core issues with the motorbike and use your training and education to make needed repairs to get the bike in tip-top shape and back on the road.

 If you were to accept an offer for a motorcycle mechanic job, your responsibility would be to maintain and repair the motorcycle engine and working parts. And because you’ll be working with its engine and parts, you must clearly understand how motorcycles operate.

 Therefore, in order to be considered for motorcycle technician jobs, you must have the necessary education and training. You can attend a college or other training program to gain the skills and experience you need. You’ll want to research info about salary, benefits and perks, and then apply to the dealerships that closely fit your goals and needs.

 Motorcycle Porter Jobs

 If you really like the idea of being a professional mechanic but don’t yet have the education, training, and experience, you could consider starting off as a motorcycle porter. As a lot porter, you’d work in the dealership assisting everyone from managers and motorcycle technicians, to sales reps and even customers. 

 You’d be responsible for transporting bikes from the parking lot to the service bays for mechanics to work. Porters also relocate motorcycles from the showroom floor to storage. You’ll maintain the parking lot, bike storage units and assist the dealership team in providing quality customer service. 

 Working as a motorcycle porter would provide you with an opportunity to learn from teammates in various departments. You’d get to observe technical aspects of how mechanics repair motorbikes, as well as gain valuable insight on how to effectively accommodate the needs of valuable customers, which is immensely crucial if you ever want to go into management. 

 Motorcycle Sales Jobs

 If you have a passion for bikes, know many of the industry’s top brands and products inside and out, and enjoy interacting with customers daily, you’ll probably enjoy working as a sales rep. You would assist customers in making an informed purchasing decision. Your strong passion and deep knowledge will help to educate interested shoppers on the value, safety, speed and quality of every vehicle in the showroom. 

 Motorcycle sales reps rakes in as much as 28,000 pounds a year on top of commissions for each bike they sell. While most dealerships don’t require any special education and training, if you’re going to beat out the competition, having a background in business, communication, and/or sales would likely put you in the top tier of the talent pool. 

If you’ve thought of pursuing motorcycle jobs in the UK, you’ll find there are plenty of opportunities in this fast-growing industry. There are dealerships across the UK waiting for candidates like you, whether you get your feet wet by becoming a motorcycle porter and work your way up to a certified motorcycle mechanic job, or you’re more interested in selling the motorbikes and other products. So, do the research, acquire the experience, and you’ll be on your way to the job of your dreams.


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