The UK’s Top Job Sites 2021 Revealed


It’s finally 2021 which means it’s time to release this year’s highly anticipated list of the top job sites in the UK.

If you’re planning to look for a new career opportunity this year, you may be wondering where to start. There are loads of job sites available online but which ones offer job seekers the best chances of securing a new role?

To help you with your job search, we’ve compiled a list of the UK’s top job sites for 2021 based on their popularity (their Alex rank which is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors to this site and page views).

Let’s take a look at who features in our top job sites 2021

The UK's Top Job Sites 2021 Infographic

Top Job Sites 2021

1. Indeed

They’ve claimed the top spot again! Indeed is still the most popular destination for job seekers in the UK. They are also a big player on the world job searching stage with over 250 million worldwide unique visitors every month.

One potential contender who doesn’t feature in our list because we are unable to get a specific Alexa rank for them is Google Jobs. Like Indeed, Google Jobs can pull opportunities from numerous online job boards and company websites to offer a vast range of options for job seekers.

2. TotalJobs

Another non-mover in the year’s list is TotalJobs who maintain their second place position. While their vacancy numbers have declined (probably due to the COVID-19 pandemic) they’re still in a strong position to help you find any type of job, in any industry, wherever you are based.

3. Glassdoor

They’ve moved up a place since last year and have plenty to offer job seekers. Not only do Glassdoor have plenty of job opportunities to search through, they also have a growing database of company reviews that are extremely valuable for job seekers. If you’re considering joining a new company, you may want to have a look at their Glassdoor reviews first to see what other employees have said about them.

4. CV-Library

CV-Library have also moved up a place when compared to 2020. They are the UK’s largest independent job board, with 137,000+ live vacancies from all industries nationwide. When getting started with your job search, we recommend registering your CV with CV-Library to hear about relevant opportunities, be discovered by the UK’s top recruiters and employers and be able to easily apply for their roles with 1-click.

5. Reed

Hot on the heels of CV-Library is While they may have slipped a couple of places on our list, they are still a must-visit destination for job seekers. They offer a vast range of opportunities, but we’ve found that they are particularly good for finding graduate and trainee roles.

6. Adzuna

Maintaining their position at number six is Adzuna! They search thousands of websites so you don’t have to and promise to bring together millions of ads so you can find every job, everywhere. The jobs you find on Adzuna are likely to take you back through another job site to apply, but it’s a good place to look if you’re struggling to find anything suitable on other sites.

7. Monster

Monster comes in seventh place again, although we’ve seen less marketing efforts from them over the last few years. If you’re thinking about a new job or career, Monster promises to help you explore the possibilities and find the roles that are right for you.

8. is more of a specialist job board. If you’re career is academic, research, science or related professions, you should definitely be checking out the roles that they have on offer.

9. Find a job

Find a job is the UK government’s official job site and if you claim job seeker’s allowance you are likely to be directed there to help you find work. While they don’t have huge volumes of roles, they also don’t charge employers to advertise with them, so there may be some opportunites on this site that you won’t find elsewhere.

10. Jobsite maintains their spot at number 10 on our list. While they have 110,000+ jobs on their site, due to their partnership with TotalJobs many of these can also be found there. We’d recommend visiting TotalJobs first and if you can’t find suitable opportunities there you could head over to Jobsite to see if they have anything else to offer.

Special mention

While it’s not exclusively a job site, we couldn’t not mention LinkedIn as a good option for job seekers. Before starting your job search, you should ensure you have a professional-looking and up-to-date LinkedIn profile. You can then ammend your settings to show recruiters that you are open to new opportunities (this can be hidden from others including your employer) and search for jobs directly on their site.

Bringing it all together

With these job sites on your side, you’re sure to find a new opportunity that is the perfect fit for you. Do bear in mind that some roles will appear on multiple sites, so we recommend keeping a list of the roles you have already applied for so you can keep track and not waste time applying for the same opportunities twice. Good luck job seekers!


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