6 Toxic Places to Work That You Should Definitely Avoid


Looking for a good job? I’ve found for you the worst ones! Why do I need them? – you’d ask. Simply, to be aware of the jobs, you need to avoid. When you hear such names as Google, Tesla, Facebook you, probably, wish to work with one of them. But is prestigious status really worth working there? Let’s figure out.

1. Quora users about working at Facebook 

“Our company is the best, and we are looking for the best company” – Oh, how often I heard these words at my previous workplace! And such an attitude prevails in the most well-known companies. They try to convince you that they are better than they really are. When it happens, you start to feel this constant pressure, that you have to make something really great and important for the company unless you want to be fired. 

A former Production Engineer at Facebook said: “Everyone thinks they are God’s gift to the world”, another Software Engineer at Facebook speaks about the pressure it makes: “I walked away from that orientation terrified that if I didn’t find something that would put my name in neon lights within three months, I would be fired. I wasn’t being delusional, it was actually stated as such in orientation.” 

Another thing that was really bothering for some employees is the absence of teamwork. “I found that I immediately was focused on the “Me” and not on the “Us… Majority of the management staff has little idea or focus on creating a team. The company mantra and overbearing hammered in slogan of “Make an Impact” has the entire organization focused on their own personal wins.” – the anonymous ex-employee continues. Now, think about whether you want to work under such pressure without any support.

 2. Reddit: What is it like to work at Tesla?

“Tesla” – I feel a slight excitement when I hear this word. Honestly, If I was offered for a job in this company, I couldn’t reject the proposal. But is a cake as tasty as it looks? Well, everything has its price, and Tesla does not appreciate its employees as it should. According to some people on a Reddit forum, the salary is not enough for living. Actually, wages are the biggest complaint about working for Tesla. 

So, before you apply for a job, think about whether with your salary you can hardly afford to buy a car from the company you work for. Well, Elon Musk does need funds to launch rockets and colonize Mars.

3. Glassdoor: Lowest Rated UK Tech Companies

The British engineering firm Dyson rates only  2.9 out of five. Only 46% would recommend their friends to work there.

The tax and accounting software and services company Sage has also 2.9 and a half of its staff would recommend this workplace.

 DXC Technology is the result of the merger of the two companies: CSC and the enterprise services side of HPE. Well, this company is not the best place to work in terms of its employees and a score of only 2.7.

Another company that has a score of 2.7 is William Hill bookmaker with only 41% of loyal workers. 

The outsourcing and solutions giant Capita rates 2.6 and only 36% of staff would recommend this workplace to their friends.

4. Courier profession that faces pressure 

If you are not qualified but have a driver’s license, you might think that working as a courier might be a piece of cake. Not many are aware of the difficulties faced by workers of the profession.

Among the problems causing stress: traffic jams, customers discontent who do not receive the parcel in the expected time, which lead to employer dissatisfaction. In addition to being very quick, you should also be very careful in filling in or checking delivery notes for parcels, otherwise, it won’t be delivered to an addressee.

5. Working at Customer Service (Call Center, Reception) 

Another challenging job position is a call centre operator or receptionist. As the “face” of the company they work for, they must simply be flawless. Easy peasy! Huh? You are not allowed to be in a bad mood or forget your smile at home. You cannot go to the toilet when you need to, as you have a 10-minute break at the set time for this purpose, otherwise, you may miss the call of another unhappy client. And if you do it, be sure that it can cost you your toxic job. By the way, if you don’t want to lose any job, check out the most common reasons why British usually get fired.

6. The Hard Truth About Working As A Croupier

In spite of the fact that dealers earn a good living especially if they work at a prestigious casino, this job is really demanding. Casino customers are often not the most pleasant people. If a gambler wins – he is happy, if he loses – a dealer can experience the outburst of their anger, of course, it works only for a real casino with croupier stuff, online slots similar to 500freeslots.com have live chat support or call center operators. The work involves risk and night shifts, which not everyone can bear. Sometimes it’s risky even for gamblers to walk into a casino, that’s why more and more people prefer playing free slots android tablet.

 Knowing about the toxic places to work in, you can find a better job for you because life’s too short to suffer.


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