Bermond Marketing and Brand Consulting


Marketing effectiveness is key to business development. Without an effective marketing strategy and plan, even the most promising business model is doomed to fail. A correctly chosen marketing strategy and a systematic approach to marketing activities will ensure the successful and effective development of your company. Bermond Management offers professional services in the field of marketing consulting and strategic marketing:

  • Consulting and support in the field of marketing and sales
  • Branding, development, creation and promotion of brands, trade marks
  • Development and implementation of an effective marketing campaign
  • Strategy development, planning of marketing and advertising activities
  • Audit of marketing and sales with the preparation and implementation of recommendations;
  • Conversion optimization and social media marketing!

Bermond team immerses in all the details of the client’s business and marketing project. They collect a lot of information, actively interact with customers, work on creating high-quality content based on expert recommendations, elaborate an effective advertising campaign, develop a strategy for distinguishing your company from competitors. A promotion plan gets timely adjusted according to the current realities of the project in order to optimize all the processes and improve the performance of your business.

Bermond Management market analysis 

Market knowledge lies at the core of many strategic decisions and is the basis of marketing activities. Bermond Management’s task is to help their customers get accurate, reliable and timely information about supply and demand parameters, customers, competitors and market trends. Market research is the search, collection, systematization and analysis of information about the parameters of the market. If you are planning to develop your business, to launch a new product or enter a new market, assess the product’s position the first thing you should think about is market research. A product market analysis should be conducted when you plan to:

  • Expand your product range;
  • Find a promising niche;
  • Find suppliers and trading partners;
  • Assess the state of competition;
  • Better understand your consumers;
  • Optimize assortment and pricing policy;
  • Implement investment project!

The organization and delivery of customized market research is a key specialization of Bermond agency. In their comprehensive market research, we combine desk and field methods, which allows us to obtain the necessary target information and data from primary sources.

Having a good positioning strategy allows a brand to radically differentiate itself from its competitors by winning the favour of consumers, not because of its rational advantages, but because of its unique “place” in the minds of consumers. Therefore, the development of positioning is a very responsible part of the branding project, which Bermond approaches with great care.

The main advantage of Bermond Management is the provision of a full range of services. By contacting the company, you will receive comprehensive marketing support: from design to production, from concept development to its implementation. The staff of the agency employs specialists of all expertise: designers, marketers, targetologists, SMM-specialists, who will help in promoting your product. Their competent approach to the preparation and conduct of advertising campaigns will allow you not only to increase sales, but also to effectively manage your advertising budget.


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