Five Methods to Hire Better Employees


Between the COVID-19 pandemic, new technologies, and remote work, companies around the world are changing the way they are hiring. There are challenges, but many of them are being overcome with ingenuity. Now we have changed our outlook on who we can hire. No longer are businesses only hiring locally. With the pandemic forcing everyone to physically distance, companies are hiring the best person for the job no matter where they are. Here are some of the methods being used to hire hard-working, loyal, and adaptive employees.

Remote Screening

Businesses everywhere are utilizing remote screening to get to know the person and conduct interviews. This has changed the way we are hiring because there are fewer time constraints and a better ability to understand each other by spending more time talking. With video conferencing software, you can see the person and hear their voice. It provides the ability to get a feel for each other because no one will have to travel, making it that much easier to spend time on a conference. By getting to know the employee better, there are fewer surprises about how they will work with the company.

Background Checks

Without face-to-face interaction, however, businesses are using background checks from companies like to find out if there is something the person isn’t telling them about their past. It is an easy way to find out the truth about crimes or other run-ins with the law. While there could be nothing of note, utilizing background checks is a great layer of protection that facilitates the effort of companies to grow and expand.

Contact Previous Employers

While this might sound like a given, you’d be surprised at how many managers skip this step. Calling the person’s prior employers can make a world of difference. You will get to know what kind of person they are, how they work with people, if they are productive, and much more. Ask the right questions and you should be able to gather a lot of useful information not only about the person’s prior work but how they can be at their most productive in their new role. Take advantage of the information that is given to you and you will be able to find out if the person is a fit for the job.

Use Trusted References

When you’re looking to hire a new person for a particular job, ask around to find out who may have a good person for it. If you use the references of people you trust, whether they work for you or not, you are likely to find a person that you get along with and understand. The people who know what you are looking for can provide great references for employees who may not even be currently looking for a job. If there is a perfect person for the position, ask people you trust and you just might find them.

Be Clear About Your Expectations

Finally, it is absolutely imperative that the person understands the job before they accept it. State the job definition upfront. Be clear and concise about what the tasks entail, but also explain any wiggle room they may have in the position. If you are honest about the position, you can find someone who is enthusiastic about what the job is. If you aren’t honest, you might have someone who doesn’t understand it on your hands.

Whatever business you’re in, hiring better employees is necessary to grow and expand. With the challenges of COVID-19 and the changing world we live in, having a dynamic and efficient workforce will enable the business to move forward during these times. Not only will it lower your overhead to have employees who can work on multiple tasks and assume various roles, but you’ll also be able to pay them more and take them in as a part of the evolving business. When employees feel that they are valued and have a sense of purpose, they will show the company loyalty and will take pride in their work. Use these simple tips to hire better employees and you’ll find your own array of methods to ensure a better, more trusted team.


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