What You Need To Know To Hire The Right Truck Driver


Hiring the right truck driver is an essential aspect in which one is going to have to spend a little money to ensure they have the right hire.

You may need to update your driver CPC training and take the timing and cost into account.

We have five tips that will help you make the process easier.

Allow A Current Driver To Do The Interview

If there is not a member of the Human Resources Department who has actually driven a truck, you will want to allow a member of the transport team to sit in on the interview. If your transport department manager has never driven a truck and it does happen, you will want to find an experienced driver to take part in the interview process.

All the transportation team member to be an active participant in the interview. You can have an H.R. member coach them beforehand on what is proper and what is not to ask during the interview.

Your H.R. Department is staffed with members who can spot job hoppers as well as though that lie on resumes and application. However, by having an individual from the transport team on the interview, it gives that added security that a wrong individual is going to be hired.

Your transport employee is going to bring a great deal of information to the table that the typical HR employee will not have readily available. Your company driver will be able to ask specific questions and easily be able to tell if the interviewee has the basic skills and knowledge that is needed for the job.

A Practical Skills Interview

During the second interview, it is advisable to have the applicant demonstrate the basic skills that are needed for the position. It is essential that the applicant is able to hook-up air-line, back-up properly, hook and un-hook a trailer, and accelerate throughout the gears in a smooth manner.

CSA Driver Profile

It is essential that the driver’s full CSA profile is run as soon as you are legally able to do one. At this point, you should already have run a motor vehicle report on the driver, however, a CSA profile will allow you to dismiss any drivers who have had any tickets, accidents, or safety-related issues in their career.

On-the-Job Evaluations

After the first two weeks of training have been completed it is advisable for the transportation manager to follow the driver on the road. It is essential that the driver is not aware of this process in advance. The purpose of this evaluation is to ensure their driving skill is on par with company policy.

90-Day Reviews

After the first three months of employment, take the time to sit down with the driver and talk about their job and performance. You may want to use this meeting as a time to see how well they enjoy the job as well as any input they may have about the daily operations. This is a great time to have an informal meeting about the inside working of your own company!


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