How Should Employers Show Their Employees They Care


Are you trying to find a way to thank your employees but are unsure how? While the standard thank you card might work, it is generic and often falls flat. There are other things that you can do to show them that they matter and that you appreciate the work that they do for the company. Here are some ways that you can show your employees that you care.

Upgrade the Office

What better way to show them that you care about them than by upgrading the space that they are working in. Within the space itself there are plenty of things to look at. Find items that everyone has or uses, that way everyone is able to benefit from it. Here are a few ideas when it comes to office upgrades.

Stand/Sit Desks

Replacing the standard sitting desks with stand/sit desks is fantastic as it gives your employees the option of how they want to work. With how health-conscious people are nowadays, they are always looking for ways to improve their bodies and stay healthy. Those who are looking to do so at work can work throughout the day standing up. What if some of your employees don’t want to do that? You don’t have to worry, as the experts at mention that these standing desks can be lowered to a sitting level, therefore giving those who do not want to stand the option of sitting. This is a great way to show your workers you care because it allows them to get healthier should they choose to do so. You are not forcing them to sit, nor are you forcing them to stand.

Office Chairs

When was the last time you changed the chairs in the office? As they are sat in every day, they can quickly wear out and break. Upgrading the chairs to a higher quality will show the workers that you appreciate what they are doing. They can now work in even greater comfort. When looking at chairs, make sure you pick something that is within your budget and also comfortable at the same time. The last thing you want to do is purchase a bunch of chairs only to find out that your employees hate them.

Constant Affirmation

Sometimes you don’t have to get people a big gift or a card to show them that you care. By taking the time to appreciate them on a regular basis, you can instil in your employees that they matter to you and the company. Whenever you see an employee working hard or someone has done a good job on a project, praise them, and congratulate them for what they have done. A few positive words each day can go a long way towards making someone feel appreciated by the company. It is important to note that this is not something you can do once every few months. If that is what you are looking to do, affirmations will simply go over their head and will be ignored.

Flexible Scheduling

Everyone realizes that work is important, however, not everyone is able to work in the same way you are. Everyone has their own life filled with unique challenges and obstacles. If someone is unable to work a standard 9-5, meet with them, and see if there are other schedule options that can work. Perhaps have them come in later and work a little longer or vice versa. Taking the time to work things out with an employee is a great way to show that you care about them while also recognizing the struggles and unique aspects of their life.

Cater In Food Spontaneously

Workers are used to receiving a standard lunch or two throughout the year that is typically planned. Although you might hope these show that you care, a lot of the time they are just viewed as corporate fluff. If you really want to make a difference with the lunches that you purchase, decide to order one spontaneously for them without notice. 

This will show them that you are constantly thinking about them and their needs and will do what it takes to keep them happy. The more spontaneous the event is, the better it will go over.

These are all great ways to show your workers that you care about them. Take the time to speak to each and every one of them and get to know them, it will go a long way towards improving company morale. Each one of these workers is important for the success of your company, so make sure they know that at every point of the day. How do you plan on showing your workers that you care?


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